Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Prayer Update from Brad

Dear Friends,

What an exciting few weeks it has been here in South Africa. We asked you to
be praying for the Sports Marathon and I am happy to tell you that there are 20
new believers as a result of that event. We are now planning the next
event which is T-Junction. T-Junction is an event designed to share the
gospel while allowing the youth to enjoy a Rugby
game. This has been one of our larger events and it is always been one of
my favorite to be involved with. I am also beginning to work on several
new things in prep for the end of the year. Those being Camp (Dec 11th
thru 15th) and the other is the material for next year. All of
this must be done before my trip in Nov. The trip in Nov is up in the air
at the moment, the Pages need to be back here before I can go to the US.
I have scheduled many meetings and I do pray that it will be possible for this
to work out. Thank you for your continued prayers and I look forward to
sharing with you all that will be happening here in the near future.

Prayer Request:

  1. T-Junction
  2. Radio
  3. Nov
    trip to US
  4. Furloughing
    families – Pages and Schusters
  5. Local Church Leaders and Youth

Praise Items:

  1. Sports
  2. Sold
    out of Adult QT
  3. Gods
    provision for the Ministry

In His Service,

Brad Hawkins
Word of Life South Africa

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Prayer Update from Mary

Life is busy in the Hawkins' house this week!!!! Here are a few prayer requests, praises and upcoming events:

Saturday, 8/19, is our Sports Marathon. This Sports Marathon is for Touch Rugby and Netball. This is used as a medium to share the Gospel Message. Please pray that we have a great turnout and that many accept Christ as Lord of their lives.

Our ladies' Bible Study is starting again a week from Friday. We will be studying Ephesians.

Please pray that as our schedules get busier and busier that we listen closely to God's leading and don't take on too much. Right now, outside of Brad working at Word of Life each day and Mary homeschooling the kids and all of our other responsibilities, one or both of us is busy 5 nights a week.

We have guests coming in tomorrow night from overseas. They are also with Word of Life and are on their way to Mozambique. If they are able to make some solid contacts we are looking at taking our annual S.M.A.S.H. camp there. This is our short term missions program for teens (Students Ministering And Serving Him).

Thank you for your part in our ministry! We couldn't do this without your support and prayers.

Mary, for the fam!
Brad, Mary, Brandon & Marissa Hawkins
Word of Life South Africa

Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Prayer Update from Brad

Dear Friends

I am sitting in my office thinking of all I
would like to tell you and I am not sure how to fit it all in. As many of you
know, Brandon and I went to an Olympian Club last week and I had the privilege
to share the gospel to the children. I always enjoy doing this and it always
reminds me of why we are here. 5 young people made decisions that night and it
was amazing to see it through Brandon’s eyes. He has such a heart for people
and we talked about sharing with other people the whole way home. I guess for
me it was great to see the young people make decisions but it was also great to
see the leaders in action. The Leaders at this church are fairly new to the
ministry; many were youth themselves last year. It is exciting to see the
fruits of the labor coming about. People we have been praying for and investing
time into now are doing the work themselves. I count it a privilege in so many
ways. Thank you for your part in all that God is doing here.

Prayer Requests:

  1. Sports Marathon – Aug 19th
  2. Radio

  3. Local Churches and Leaders
  4. Furloughing

  5. My trip in Nov – One
    more meeting available

Praise Items:

  1. Challenging Leaders

  2. Focus of Local

  3. All of

In His Service,
Brad Hawkins

Friday, August 4, 2006

From Mary

We are keeping busy and trying to keep warm!!!!!!!!!  It snowed in Joburg
this week for the first time in 8 years, and we had a record breaking coldest
day in Johannesburg
(and very windy)!  Now, I know that many of you will not find 8 C (46 F) very
cold, but in a brick house with no insulation, single pane windows and space
heaters, you would be surprised!  I don’t think our house got above
60 F.  I can’t imagine what it must be like for those living in
shacks in squatter towns.

We have been meeting with the couple that we mentioned, Earl
and Gena, on Tuesday nights.  We are really excited as we get to know them
better.  Please keep us in your prayers as we disciple them.  Pray
that we are faithful in our friendship and that we have wisdom in discipleship.

Pray also for Brad as he has the opportunity to share the
gospel at an Olympian (Children’s) Club tonight.  He is excited at
the opportunity to share as well as to spend some time getting to know the
leaders and youth a bit better.  Brandon
will be going with him. 

The kids and I went ice skating this morning and had a
  There is a local mall that
has an ice skating rink and the homeschoolers meet there the first Friday of
every month.  This is probably our 5th time, but the first time
since we left for furlough in February.  It was amazing to see Brandon’s
confidence grow with each lap around the ice rink.  Usually we stay for
about an hour, but today it was 2 ½ hours!  By the time we left he
was going around and around without holding on to the side.