Thursday, April 21, 2011

Prayer Update

Here in South Africa we love our holidays and this coming week is no exception!  We have about 4 days off this coming week so most people just take the whole week off, sounds great!  However, we will be running just like normal, crazy.  Youth Leader meetings on Saturday and Monday for training and phone calls for meetings in the US most nights.  I love these “slow” weeks because I can usually get caught up on the things that get pushed aside.

                  Please pray for us as we try to fill the schedule for our upcoming furlough.  If you would be interested in having us come to your church please contact us soon so we can fit you in.  We are looking forward to spending time with everyone while we are in America.  Thanks for the prayers!

In HIS Service,


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Prayer Update

Brad recently spoke at the Grace Christian School camp for the Grades 4-7, and Marissa and Brandon joined in as campers. The theme of the camp was Jonah, the Runaway Prophet. There were around 45 campers there, 4 salvation decisions, 14 people counseled for assurance of salvation and around 40 campers that committed to living their lives for Christ! Please pray for these kids. While they attend a Christian school, it is easy to see the grip that the world has on many of their lives.

Camp ended on Friday, and we jumped into preparing and cooking for BattleZone camp to start on Monday. We had around 120 campers at BattleZone Camp - our biggest camp yet! We held this camp at a local church to keep the costs down, and the boys slept on the floor in one hall, while the girls slept on the floor in another. Around half of these campers were new to Word of Life Camps! We saw 11 salvation decisions on the first night. Our speaker was our teammate, Mike VanBruggen and the focus of this camp was on how to Biblically handle conflict. It was exciting to see the campers come away feeling equipped with new knowledge about God and His Word. Mary and Fran cooked for all these campers from a tiny kitchen! God provided amazing strength to all of us as we have gone from one ministry event to the next. 

Brad has had many opportunities to preach in local churches lately, and we love the opportunity to fellowship with so many different believers. I love the diversity of the family of God!

Brandon's birthday is next Wednesday. It's hard to believe that he's going to be 12! He likes lego, real time computer strategy games, Wii games, golf, and reading Historical Christian Fiction. While he's a typical 12 year old, it is exciting to see that he has a desire to walk in God's ways.