Friday, August 29, 2014

We purchased our return tickets to South Africa! We are scheduled to leave November 2.
We are excited to share with you that our support level is up to 84%! While this is a definite answer to prayer, we need to see a significant increase in our support level before we go. This leaves us with a need of $1140 per month. Please pray with us as we seek out churches and individuals to partner with us in our ministry!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Support Update:

We are excited to share with you that we have seen an increase in our monthly support! We are thrilled to have new members on our support team! We still need to raise $1239 per month. Do you realize that if everyone on our email list gave $4 a month, we would have more than our full support? Would you be willing to be part of our support team? Find out how to give by following this link.
If you know of a church or individual that you think might be interested in hearing more about our ministry, please let us know!

Special Project: 

Please pray with us as we are trying to raise $700 to buy an aluminum track for Micro F1. We have seen $305 come in for this project. We are almost half way there! This track is used as an evangelistic tool to minister to children. It is for racing Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars. This would replace our wooden track that was built years ago and has begun to warp and wear as exposed to the humidity in Durban.
If you would like to give to this special project, you can follow this link, use the donor account number 06113C and indicate Micro F1 track in the comments.
Thank you!