Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Prayer Update

Please pray for us as we prepare for a second ministry team, S.M.A.S.H. (Students Ministering And Serving Him) leaving for Durban this weekend! This will be a team of approximately 35. Brad and I will be on this ministry team, and Brandon, Marissa & Mya will be staying at our home with some friends.
Pray as we plan and prepare! Pray that all of the details will continue to fall into place smoothly, and pray that those on the team as well as those we minister to will have hearts that are open to God's teaching.

Serving Him,

Mary, for the fam

Friday, June 15, 2012

Prayer Update

Be praying for us tomorrow, we are doing some training at one of our churches here in SA. I have the opportunity to share with the Children's Leaders, Student Leaders, and the Sunday School Teachers. We will be talking about make the Bible relevant in the lives of the youth and us as leaders! Thanks for all your prayers and support!

In His Service,

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Text Only Prayer Letter....

For those of you that prefer a simple, text-only prayer letter, I'm sorry I forgot to post it in May. Here it is! :)

Join us in reaching S. Africa for Christ!
We are so grateful as we see God’s provision for our needs! We saw another small increase in our support this month. Thank you! We are still needing around $920 per month. We are extremely grateful to those that have given toward our moving expenses! We have raised $3000, leaving only $500 to raise!

There has been a lot happening since you heard from us!
March 10 was T-Junction, a “fun” event at a local water park, designed to attract unsaved youth. This event is more importantly designed to bring students to a “T” in the road of life, causing them to choose between turning toward God or turning and going their own way.   We had around 150 in attendance and 6 salvation decisions! It was an amazing day and fun was had by all. Thank you for your prayers!
We had a great time at BattleZone Camp from April 2-4 with approximately 80 in attendance. This camp was held at a local church and the youth slept on the floors in classrooms and in the main hall.  Fran & Mary cooked for them with the help of the Disciple-ship Training Centre students. Mike and I spoke on relationships - "Building Bridges" was the theme. There were lessons on friendships with Christian and non-Christian friends, dating, and relationships with those in authority. It was exciting to see the kids avidly taking notes. The interest and response on dealing with these relationships in a Biblical fashion was encouraging!
I was able to be a part of a satellite BattleZone Camp in Potchefstroom along with some of the young adults that we  work  with. Potch  is about 1 1/2 hours away. We had a great time with the young people there. We were able to have 4 meetings and 4 breakout group meetings in  2 days. We challenged them to evangelize their families, friends, and strangers, then we equipped them to do it! Thanks, again, to those of you who were praying!
We have had  some excellent discipleship  opportunities over the last few months! Please pray for those that we are actively discipling. Here are the names of some of those that we are discipling: Michael, Colleta, Sonny, John, Themba, Cremelda, Ntombesizwe, Rumbi, Miriam, and Agnus, as well as the girls in Mary’s Jr. Youth. Please pray for wisdom to encourage and challenge these precious friends that have a desire to walk closer to Christ!

~Upcoming Ministry~

5/11-13 - Oasis Camp for Young Adults
5/25-6/8 - Trip to Durban (about 6 1/2 hours from Joburg) to help assess when our move will take place and where we’ll be located
6/8-11 - Teach at Family Camp, Grace Baptist Church Northdene, Durban
6/9 - Mid-Year Leadership Conference in Johannesburg (we will be away, but pray for Mike VanBruggen and Christy Page as they will be our only full time staff on hand to run it!)
6/14-18 - Youth Leadership Camp in Durban (We won't be going, but pray for John Page and the team of 11 others that will be ministering there)
6/22-29 - S.M.A.S.H. (Students Ministering And Serving Him) - Mission trip for South African teens - Durban

Prayer Update

  Back in Joburg after an AMAZING, much needed time away. Family camp was great, and Brad had some good meetings regarding our upcoming mission trips. We were able to visit a couple of churches, some missionaries our SA home church supports (the Fouries), and Brad & Brandon were even able to go to senior youth!
Coming back to Joburg was a bit of a shock, as before we left winter was quite mild, but the cold weather arrived while we were away! It was below freezing at night on the weekend, and with no central heat, we found ourselves bundled up in layers and under blankets with hot water bottles. There are many here who don't have the luxuries we do, living in tin shacks, and I can't imagine how they manage. I am so grateful for the home God has blessed us with.

Team in Durban
There is a team of 12 from WOL, headed up by John Page, leaving tomorrow on a mission trip to Durban to help Shawn Duma with a youth leadership camp. Please keep them in your prayers as they travel.
Also, coming up on the 22nd, Brad & I will accompany a team of approximately 30 to Durban for another mission trip. On this trip we will be helping with Holiday Bible Clubs (VBS), training up teens in the local area on Biblical principles, and involved in other ministry opportunities, such as evangelism. Brandon, Marissa & Mya will be staying at our home with some friends of ours, Michael & Colleta. Please keep us in your prayers, both as we prepare, as we minister to those on the team, and as we minister to the youth in Durban!