Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Prayer Update

We have had a great week! There has been a group of 5 people with us from Word of Life Argentina and Brazil. They were visiting several different countries, training staff for
Born Again to a Living Hope. They also trained some of our staff in hopes of performing this drama here in South Africa starting in December. At that time we will need to be able to train others to join with our staff in order to perform at schools, prisons, churches, etc.

Easter was a day of fun, relaxation and fellowship. We spent lunch with some missionary friends that are in Joburg with TEAM Mission. We just met in December and have really enjoyed getting to know each other. They are from Alaska and their names are James, Ella, Hannah, Max & Bronwyn Embree. Here are some pictures from the afternoon.

For dinner we all packed up and headed to WOL for a big traditional Easter dinner. There were 24 adults and 9 children. It was delicious, but more important was the time spent together as one big family in Christ.

On Friday, April 13, Brandon will be celebrating his 8th birthday!
It's amazing how time flies. His birthday happens to fall on the Homeschool Ice Skating day, so we will be spending the morning ice skating.

Saturday, April 14, is a Soccer Marathon. Please keep this event in your prayers! Please pray that many unsaved youth attend and make a decision for Christ. Please pray also that things run smoothly and that there are no major injuries.

Thanks, again, for your prayers! We appreciate your part in our ministry!

Mary, for the fam
Brad, Mary, Brandon & Marissa Hawkins
Word of Life South Africa

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Prayer Update

Dear Friends

has been a while since I wrote you all a note.
We are still busy and it doesn’t look like it will slow down at
all. You have seen the pictures from our Soccer Outreach and our BattleZone Camp just recently. But more has been happening right along with
those things as well.

have been meeting with several churches regarding orientations. We have been
meeting for some time and it looks like it will be ending soon. Each church has its own unique problems and
it has been fun to work through these situations with each of them. Be praying for Valley Community
as they are
looking a building their youth ministry from one student at this point. Then you can also pray for EBC Riverlea as
the Leader there is looking into recruiting some people to help with the youth
there. At this point she is all on her

was able to meet with a Youth Pastor a few days ago to show him the material that
WOL has to offer. We have sat down a few
times and he seems very interested in our Quiet Times for the Students and
Leaders. He has about 280 students in
the youth ministry at this point. The
leaders there are doing a great job but they have noticed that they need help
in the discipleship side of things. We
have offered our assistance in training and resources. I am excited to see how God is going to work
through this opportunity. Be praying
that everything falls into place.

Prayer Request:

  1. New Churches
  2. Youth Leaders and Youth
  3. Soccer Marathon coming soon
    April 14th
  4. Recent trouble with cars – Our alternator has been replaced
    twice now.

Praise Items:

  1. Discipleship of young people and youth leaders
  2. Gods provision for the Ministry
  3. New supporters in the last few months

In His Service

Brad Hawkins