Wednesday, January 25, 2012


We are now caring for a friend's little boy to help them out during the week. It's been interesting having a toddler in the house again!

Mickey just came back from his first weekend at home, and boy is he talking up a storm! He is just TOO cute and I could just eat him up.

When he first came to stay with us 2 weeks ago he spoke only 1 English word we could understand - Hello. Here are some of the ones that we can pick up now!

Yi-ya = Mya

Danda = Brandon
Uh = Up
Goggy = Doggy
Come = Come

Dink = Drink
Mmmm-mmmmm = Thank you (it's thank you said with the mouth closed. ;))

He quickly picked up on sign language for more (he loves MORE food!) and he will hesitantly sign please, as well.

He also loves to sing and dance. I often find him in his bed awake in the morning or after a nap just singing sweetly.

Anyway, we're quickly falling in love with the little sweetheart, and I'm thrilled that he's sleeping through the night all the time now!

Prayer Update

We have started off the new year running! We are back to homeschool full force, with Brandon Hawkins in Grade 8, Marissa Hawkins in Grade 5 and Mya in Grade 00 (nought nought, or preschool). We are also taking care of a friends little boy, Mickey, during the week. He is almost 2 and keeps us on our toes!

The Discipleship Training Centre started just over a week ago and we have 10 students! They will be living at WOL South Africa headquarters and attending Berean Bible Institute. I will get the privilege of discipling 2 of these students this year and Brad will disciple 1 or 2, as well!

Brad started again yesterday at the International College of Bible & Missions. He is teaching Contextualization this term for 2 hours every Tuesday.
Brad has also picked up where he left off last year with discipling Mickey's parents, Michael & Coletta and their friend Sonny on Tuesday evenings, then we go from there to Bible Study at church where Brad is teaching Grades 5-12, and I am teaching Grades 00-4.

I am also continuing in the Music Ministry at church, as well as helping as a leader in the Jr. Youth and Sr. Youth. Brad has passed the torch of leading the Sr. Youth over to Wayne Cox, and will use the time to invest in other youth leaders that are using Word of Life in various churches.

Please pray for us in these various ministries, and others that we are involved in as well. We couldn't do all of this without your prayer support!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Leader's Kick-Off

Saturday is our Leaders Kick-off Conference! School started this week and most youth groups will be up and running this weekend or soon thereafter. We are looking forward to a great time of teaching, encouragement, food & fellowship!!! Pray for Brad Hawkins, Christy Hanshew Page, Mike VanBruggen, Brent Meyers & Kyle Steven Paradis as they are teaching, as well as the rest of us staff with our various responsibilities ranging from food to selling club material!
If you are a youth leader in a Word of Life youth in the Joburg area, don't miss out!!!