Thursday, February 18, 2010

Prayer Update

from Feb 18
Please pray our visas are approved so that we can continue to stay in the country! We have renewed our visas in the past without any issues, and didn't foresee there being issues this time, but they expired last month and they haven't renewed them yet. They have given us an extension twice, saying that they are still being processed. Just pray that they are returned soon and we have them in our passports to put our hearts & minds at ease. :)

Feb 19
Brad is off to South Africa Home Affairs this morning to check on our Visa applications as our extensions expire today. We aren't expecting any difficulties, but would appreciate your prayers all the same! 

As well, Brad has a busy weekend of ministry! Today at 5 we are running a Micro F1 at our home church in SA, Grace Baptist Church in Ruimsig. This event has a two-fold purpose today. 

First, and most importantly, we will be sharing the gospel with the children and have encouraged them to invite their friends and their parents. Pray that decisions are made and lives are changed! God's word does not return void!

Secondly, WOL Olympians in new to Grace Baptist Church and we hope to give the parents a small picture of what it is all about in hopes that they catch our excitement. :)

Brad will be visiting a youth group tonight, doing orientation at a new church in the morning, following that a planning meeting for an all-nighter, and another youth group visit tomorrow night.

Thank you for your prayers! We are excited about all God is doing here in Johannesburg, and the privilege to be a part of it! 

Mary, for the fam
Brad, Mary, Brandon, Marissa & Mya
Word of Life South Africa