Saturday, April 23, 2016

Car Fund

We have received word that the funds are on the way to put us over the top for our car fund! We are so grateful for your prayers and gifts for this project, and will keep you posted as to the progress of the purchase of the new vehicle. Thank you!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Car Project Update

Car Fund Project: We want to keep you updated on how God is providing for this need! It will take approximately $15,000, and we have already had $10,645 promised toward this project. We are so grateful to all who have already given! If you would like to help with our car fund, follow this link:

BZ Camp EBC 2016

We had a great whirlwind of ministry with the team from Johannesburg! We had 10 young adults come from Joburg, along with 1 that joined the team from the Durban area. Some of these were giving of their spring break, some taking leave from work, in order to spend some time with us in ministering in our local community.

We spent 2 days running a camp alongside Ekukhanyeni Baptist Church in New Germany. The gospel message was shared with over 17 teens and 125 children! The focus for the camp was relationships, first and foremost being their relationship with God.

The teens delved deeper into other relationships - parents/authority, friendships and dating. They had a lot of hard questions about how to honour God in their every day lives. Please pray for them, as well as  Pastor Henry and Janet,  Pastor Phakamani and Philani as they continue to minister to these young people on a daily basis, pouring into their lives and living an example of what it means to walk with God.

The team also helped with some work projects while they were here. We were able to purchase a storage shed to store our supplies for Word of Life, and the majority of the team helped finish it off - sealing the outside, painting the roof and putting up plywood on the inside.

While they worked on the storage shed, a few of us slipped over to Little Feet Baby Home and were able to help them clean and organize the donations that they've received recently. They are a fairly new baby home and have 4 sweet little babies that they care for.

The time that the team spent with us was fruitful and encouraging. Thank you for giving of your time and energy to serve the Lord! We appreciate each one of you!