Thursday, December 28, 2006

Our "Silence"

I'm sure you have noticed that things suddenly got very quiet on our blog!  We apologize....  We went to camp, and then we moved back into our house the week before Christmas, and our internet will not be connected for another week to a week and a half.

We hope that you had a great Christmas!  We had a wonderful time at the Page's on Christmas Eve and our friends, Dion and Marianne on Christmas Day.  It was a great time celebrating Christ's birth and all that He's done for us.

We'll update you more once we get our internet connected and I'll post some pictures from Camp & Christmas.

Mary, for the fam!
Brad, Mary, Brandon & Marissa Hawkins

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Prayer Update

Thank you so much for your prayers! The kids are thrilled that daddy comes home after 5 more sleeps!  I am, too.   We've really missed him.

I had a wonderful birthday as my church family here rallied around with support as Brad was in the US.  I received a number of phone calls, and some of the ladies arranged for me to leave my kids with one of their husbands and took me out for dinner.  I received some great gifts, like chocolates, roses & books, but the best part was an evening out with some wonderful friends!  It is a special memory.

We have been busy preparing our house to move back in.  There are a lot of little details to go over, as the renters just moved out last week, but everything seems to be falling into line.  Christy Page and I have spent many hours over the last couple of days painting the kids' bedrooms and it's nice to see things coming together. There's still quite a bit more work to do in the next few days so that we can move in right after camp.  Brad says we don't have to have all the boxes unpacked right away, but he'll set the Christmas tree ones aside so that I can have our Christmas tree up before Christmas.  He knows me too well!

Tomorrow we are having a staff braai (cookout) and I am excited to see Rachael Schuster & the kids.  I've seen Alan a couple of times since they returned 11/14, but the kids were a bit under the weather and this is the first time we'll be all together. Also, the Applegates, a couple visiting from Word of Life Schroon Lake, will also be joining us.

Please continue to pray about camp.  It starts on Monday late afternoon and will run through Friday, 12/11-15.  Pray that many lives are changed, whether it be a decision for salvation or a decision to be sold out for God. Please also pray for our staff as they finish preparations.

Thank you for your prayers!  They have an impact on our family and our ministry.  We appreciate you!
Brad, Mary, Brandon & Marissa Hawkins
Word of Life South Africa