Saturday, March 16, 2013

Visa Renewal

For those of you who have been following our long visa renewal process, we received a phone call last week saying we could collect our new visas in 5 business days! So yesterday Brad went to Home Affairs. And our visas were there! Brad was issued 3 years. Brandon & I were issued 2 years to accompany him. Marissa's was entered with the wrong passport number. SOOOO, while we have been approved and can continue living in South Africa, 3 of the 4 visas were sent back to be corrected. Waiting!

Friday, March 15, 2013

I had a great visit with two different youth groups tonight. First I was at Ekukhanyeni Baptist Church with Henry and Janet Houk. We are looking at dates to start WOL Orientation to train leaders from within the church.
Then I went to Grace Baptist Church Queensburgh with Louis and Sonja Fourie. They have been doing Word of Life with their youth for years! 
It is exciting that in two youth groups so very different in language and culture that I can see the one true God drawing students to Him!

The Chilingulo Family

We had a great visit with Newton, Vanessa and sweet little Aya last month! They were in the area for a wedding and came to spend a couple of days with us. We had some sweet fellowship!

Brad had the privilege to work alongside and disciple Newton Chilingulo in connection with his leadership of the youth at both Bethany Baptist Church in Johannesburg and Living Hope Church in Pretoria while we were still in Johannesburg. Newton and his wife, Vanessa, are raising support to be missionaries in Lilongwe, Malawi. Malawi is their country of birth, and their heart is to return and share Christ with their people!

They are currently working with Living Hope Church and Maphumazi Baby Home in Pretoria, and are in the process of adopting little Aya. Please keep them in your prayers!

New Missionaries in South Africa!

Sbu Andile DlaminiThato Sathige, and Thobile Gama are graduates from our Discipleship Training Centre and are raising support to be missionaries with Word of Life South Africa.
Follow the links below to read their newsletters!