Tuesday, November 8, 2011


So...what are you doing this summer? (Ages 16-22)
Working? Taking a vacation? Catching up on your sleep?

You could do that. If you did, you'd be able to look back and see that you made some money, saw Mickey Mouse, or spent an amazing amount of time on the couch.

But what if you looked back at your summer and saw that you did something amazing? Something epic. Something that helped change the world.

Our Student Fusion teams want to help you do that in a big way.

Each team takes students just like you, puts them through a week of intense training, and then launches them out to a foreign country. Different language; different food; different everything! It's just you and your team, put there with the awesome task of sharing Christ. Sharing Christ with people who probably can't go to the type of church you can. Can't flip past nineteen Christian stations on the radio like you do. These people are lost, and nothing's going to change that until someone like you does something about it.

So...think about it. What are you doing this summer?